No matter what age you are, brushing your teeth is important. However, encouraging regular teeth-brushing habits isn’t always easy as a parent. We wanted to share a few ways to encourage the behavior:

  • Start a Reward Chart – Have your child get a sticker for brushing their teeth each day. Then, reward them with a prize after a certain number of days. It can be a small toy or a visit to their favorite place.
  • Choose a Fun Toothbrush – Many toothbrushes are available that feature unique characters or play songs. Have them select their favorite one, making it more fun for them to continue the routine.
  • Select a Flavorful Toothpaste – A wide variety of flavored kinds of toothpaste are available for children. Change up the flavor of toothpaste occasionally, so it adds a fun surprise to the routine.

We’re also sharing a video by Colgate that shares tips about teaching your kids about brushing their teeth:

Also, bring your child in for a checkup, too! We’ll share some of our own tips and tricks with you and your child.

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