Losing teeth often means losing the ability to enjoy some of your favorite foods, due to reduced chewing power. At Andover Smiles, we never want you to skip a dish you enjoy because your bite isn’t strong enough! Luckily, dental implants give you replacement teeth that feel and function almost exactly like natural teeth.

If you’d like to enjoy eating again with implants, call us today at 978-396-3935 to schedule a consultation. Dr. Rinaldi will determine if you’re a good candidate for them, then recommend a specialist to place them. You’ll return to our office later for Dr. Rinaldi to attach crowns or a bridge to your implants. 

In addition to making your bite as strong as before, dental implants preserve the bone in your jaw. Without the bone loss that happens with other kinds of teeth replacements, your face won’t look older before its time. 

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